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Update 10/17/2018:

It's that season again! Just wanted to share some Hallowe'eny previews of the game with you. We know it's been a long time since the last update, but we are still developing the game, thank you for all the support and patience! 

Game Control: Point and click to gather items and clues, items can be combined or dismantled. Hold left mouse button to drag the camera around.

This demo contains the first room of the point and click puzzle(room escape) game.

The other rooms are already under developing but we'd really like to hear your thoughts about the first stage, its puzzle difficulty, appearance, or you just want to say hi...anything you'd like to let us know, please comment, your feedback will help us making this game better!

------------------------------ABOUT THE GAME------------------------------


Mark found himself in a familiar yet strange room, he knew he lived here once in his life, but his memory of the room was lost.

You will discover both the key to escape the room and the key to the hidden truth.
Help Mark escape the rooms and uncover his lost memories.
This is a very challenging escape game, and a thriller with a surprising ending.

Game play:

The game play includes solving puzzles and collecting clues. Collect items, solve the puzzles by using, combining and dismantling the items to escape the room. Some of the more interactive puzzles include operating a vintage TV or play a retro arcade game.
In each room there are clues for you to gather. Missing clues normally won't prevent you from escaping, but the more clues you collect, the closer you are to discover the truth. However it is fairly difficult to collect all the clues.
There are 8 rooms in total. This demo version contains the first room, which is also the prologue of the story.


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Mark's Rooms, Room1, Windows version 70 MB
Mark's Rooms, Room1,Android version 54 MB
Mark's Rooms, Room1,Mac version 51 MB


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I was stuck on the view when I started, since I did not know you could move the camera, so I did not know there was a dressor or a TV. I am also stuck on the +xx part, but it is a fun game! I wonder when the full release will be available, as its been over 4 years since this was published.

It is difficult and I'm stuck on the first room. 

Привет, у меня есть сбой в игре три раза оригами журнала и один раз с книгой

it is amazing

This game is good! It's challenging and it you don't need to be genius to find out the problem but it still can be difficult. (which is what you want in point-and-click puzzles) I definitely look forward to future updates.

I really Enjoyed this Game  a lot.and we also have nice blogs related to Escape room in Memphis

really fun point and click game i just have one question when is the next update i have finished the game two times and i just cant wait for another room pleas tell me even if its just a guess pleas and thank you

I made an account JUST so I could leave a comment here. Just... wow. This is the best point and click mystery game I've played. No "moon logic", but still takes a while to figure out. The atmosphere is also phenomenal. Perfect balance between game and story. It doesn't feel like the puzzles were created just to tell the story, nor does it feel like the story was made up just to move the puzzles forward. I'm ecstatic to play the continuation of this once it comes out!


I was recommended your game and I really like the look and the sound of it from your description and screenshots. As I am a YouTuber, I would love to do a video on your game, but only if I have your permission to do so.

Have a nice day!

Kimmy ^ . ^

we've spent like 2hours on the math problem????


The safe won't open for me. I put in 30 (which I know is right) but it just says error. plz help. 


Its 26, PEMDAS

Are you talking about the first room,  if so, i tried and i couldn't get it at all.


the right answer is 51


Its 26...

I really liked this game. Took me a few minutes to figure out how to use the controls to looks around the room. I'm not the best at math so the math problem for the safe was really confusing . I know it's suppose to be challenging, but that might be a bit to hard if you can't remember your math lessons lol. Overall I liked it and can't wait to see and play more!

Here's my play through once I figured out the controls:

Thanks for trying the game out! We are definitely going to change the math puzzle based on all the feedback. I know it's been a long time but we are slowly finishing the full version of the game.

Nice one! Let us know when the full version is available please!

I enjoyed the demo very much, looking forward to the rest of the game!! I'm shocked I solved a puzzle without all the clues. It's the first game in this video of one of my 2 for 1's.

A really interesting game. We enjoyed the DEMO very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

nice game, the origami one threw me for a bit, at first because I like wasn't paying attention, and then later because I forgot about PEMDAS, but it didn't take me too long to figure out. Only got six clues, but I might come back at a later date to try to get them all.

is there a way to save the progress?

never mind, I escape the room on time! I had a good time, great game.

Right now you can't save the progress because there's only 1 room, once more rooms are added you'll be able to save the progress.

I think they way it is, it's great.

I really liked the game! The puzzles  get harder as the game goes on. The last on (oragami) was really difficult for me , but I hope that you update the game soon, because this game... IS AMAZING :D The TV integration was the most difficult part though. Also.. I saw a certain thing on the TV,  but I don't want to spoil it in case of it ruining future gameplay. Other than that, REALLY GOOD JOB!

Thank you for playing our game, we are really glad that you enjoyed it, new stages will be out soon, we are sure you'll like the new puzzles!

I liked the game and the puzzles are relatively easy to solve.. The TV reminded me of the "Rusty Lake" games and how they used the TV to continue the story..

Thanks for the cool let's play video! We are so glad that people can still find and enjoy this demo, we have to post an update!

I was just

scrolling threw the comments to see if the code for the safe was there

but I guess not...



I loved this game I really really hope you come out with more!

More rooms are on the way with more challenging puzzles!

7/8 clues for me. Couldn't get the safe open. 

According to the origami shapes and the manual guide book on the bed, plus the "Judgment time" clue I can safely assume the origami fomula is (6+1x3x8) but how does give me a password, when the safe combination is six digits? I just gave up in the end. 

six digits is the limit, not the code size. Just solve the formula

Awesome little game! Really like it, took me a bit to figure out the origami, but all in all a really good game, and I think you should update with more rooms.

I keep getting 66 as the code 

but It says error on the safe

6 + (1x8x3) ≠ 66

what is the safe password in level one ???


Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this demo, the puzzles were really fun and I love the art style. I hope you guys are still working on more rooms? I'd love to have a full game of this.

Thank you for playing our game, yes, more rooms are on the way!

Your games is amazing. Everything is perfect. I just have one doubt. Iam stuck in the origami part. Could you please give me some clue? Thank you.


They are somehow related to the TV:-)

What a lovely demo! Can't wait for more! :D 


Glad you like it!

great little game!! cant wait for more! really made me think! :) 

Thank you! We promise that more rooms are on the way!

I'm terrible at puzzle games but I really enjoyed this! Can't wait to see more.

Hey, thank you for making this let's play video, very fun to watch! We didn't realize that the title was that scary, now we are considering to modify it, we like to scare players during the game but not before:D

Pretty good stuff.


Thank you Mister! More rooms of this game will come soon!

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Great game ! I really enjoyed playing this game ! It's very easy to resolve the puzzles (exempt the origami puzzle with the screen tv), I think the clues (e.g the yellow stickers) are too obvious. And I'm agree with the other comments about the sound effect that plays whenever you discover clues, I think it could be improved. I'm looking forward to seeing how the game is going to progress x)

Hi Break2fast, thank you for playing the game and the nice feedback and suggestions!

And keep making those cool let's play videos:-)

It's a nice game so far. The puzzles were a tad easy to get through with the exception of the origami puzzle. (The vertical equal sign threw me off) That being said, I spent the last week playing through Zero Escape so that probably helped. As stated in other comments, the sound effect for picking up items could stand to be changed as it doesn't really fit the mood the rest of the game is trying to present. Also in regards to the sound, fans of 100% OJ can recognize the sound immediately :^).

I feel that the story elements in the game would be more interesting without the narration. The narration kind of hands the player the story when this kind of game could benefit from having the player piece the story together themselves rather than have it spoon fed to them. For example, the wine receipt says that Mark's dad was constantly drinking and etc. but if it was left without narration, the player is left with much more questions motivating them to play on. Who's wine is this? Is this Mark's? Did his wife leave him because of this? Is this his punishment? etc. etc. And later on the game can subtly reveal that he was abused or whatever.

Hi GhostRi, good suggestion about the sound effects, we are trying to get some funding to polish the music and sound effects. We'll probably remove all the narration and focus on the art design of the story telling clues, we hope this would make the story telling part of the game deeper and more interesting. Thank you so much for the great suggestions!

Nicely done! I'm looking forward to seeing more of this.

Few thoughts:

-As with others, I had trouble figuring out camera movement.

-I really disliked the little sound effect that plays whenever you discover clues. It's super cliched and takes me out of the game. Maybe something a bit more subdued or even nothing at all.

-I wished that the character wasn't telling me the entire story when you find clues. Figuring out a character's history myself is an experience similar to solving a puzzle. Handholding your player through narrative exploration is denying them one more puzzle that they could solve themselves.

-The fonts used for narration/ the item menu are pretty bad. Maybe try to experiment with different ones, as the ones right now remind me of looking at a microsoft word document.

That all being said, the puzzles were the star of the whole thing. There were a few things that stumped me a little bit, but nothing that made me want to quit or give up.

This is some really valuable feedback. We are seriously considering removing the narration now that several players have suggested this, and yes we'll definitely change the fonts in future versions. We are very glad that you like the puzzles, we'll try our best to make the puzzles in later stages even better!

Very nicely done. Reading the other comments, I'm glad I'm not alone in being stuck for a while before realizing I could move the camera around but once I was past that, things went smoothly. I think that the puzzles are all well designed and it is immensely satisfying the way they chain into each other; you go from having all these different clues to quickly using them up. For me, the puzzles were very well balanced between being difficult enough to feel rewarding when solved while never being frustrating.

Here is the seemingly-obligatory playthrough video:

Thank you Foehamner for the feedback and playthrough! We'll definitely add a tutorial about the camera interaction, so sorry about your suffering!

hehehe sounds good. I'll recover somehow =)

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That was a really nice game.

A few comments, technical and on content, including spoilers:

1) Make sure players understand that they can drag around the room to see more of it. This was not obvious to me at first.

2) Looking at the playthrough of navarsai, he was "stumped" by the origami/password/safe puzzle for some time, because he did not remember that multiplication is supposed to go before addition. It's always frustrating to see someone "get" the puzzle and then be stopped by a simple technicality. If you arrange the operation symbols in the order " * * + " instead of the current " + * * ", you will avoid this problem.

3) This password puzzle seems to be randomized, as I got a different color order on the tv and therefore a different password. "The Internet" (according to some discussions I have read) seems to hate this, as it interferes with their ability to use a walkthrough. See Monkey Kombat explanation for a historical example that I still remember (I liked Monkey Kombat, but was apparently the only person to do so).

4) As an addition to 1), as I watched navarsai's playthrough to find the one collectable I missed, I found it to be the "Alex" on the lion origami. I had no idea that you could interact with objects directly with your mouse, I always used USE/COMBINE/DISMANTLE. Again, make it somehow clear how players can interact with the environment. Nothing is more frustrating for me to see some interaction being the solution to a problem, which would be trivial to do IRL but that was apparently not available to me.

5) When I selected to start the game (download, not in browser) as 1900 x 1080 fullscreen (the resolution of my primary monitor) during the Unity startup, the unity logo screen would be fullscreen, but the game would revert to 1900 x 1080 *windowed*. The same is true for using smaller fullscreen resolutions.


Again, I really liked this. I'm not much of a horror fan, but the story of Mark, as told through the collectables and starting with his childhood room, is interesting for me.

Hi Ingix,

Thank you so much for the valuable feedback!

The game was originally designed for mobile phone so that's why we naturally chose to use dragging instead of moving mouse to the edge to move the screen, but you are right about this and #4, we'll add a tutorial in the final version to explain all the necessary interactions.

Actually the math puzzle is intentionally designed that way as a kind of misdirection, right now we have players who found it to be no problem at all and players who got stuck because of it, we are doing more evaluation and the puzzle might change in the final version of the game.

The randomized password is to prevent players who already know the password(exactly, from walkthroughs and videos :P) from finishing the game too quickly before actually exploring the room, it's designed for this demo and again might be changed in the final version.

We'll look into the resolution issue and try to fix it in the next demo, thank you for letting us know!

Please continue to follow our updates and offer your feedback and insights!

Hey there! Great start, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Here's my playthrough, if you're interested.

Hi, thank you for playing our demo, amazing playthrough, and you actually got all the collectibles in the first run, wow! Thank you for the feedback, we'll definitely try to add more horror elements!

Gave your game a go...


Hey Stephan, thanks for trying our demo, it's a very fun video, at first I thought you must've beat it when I saw you clicking through the puzzles, please don't hate me for being glad to see you got stuck after all:P Good point about that poster, other people mentioned it too, we've got to replace that, like right away.