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I put the code on the briefcase and I heard the lock click but I can't open it


This is such a great demo, really sad that this game doesn't appear to be worked on still. The puzzles were fun and not overly complicated and the story seems really interesting. Would hope for this to be back in development!


Hey Yeena, thank you for playing our game, it's always nice to see another room escape fan suffering through puzzles(and math:D). But mostly, thank you so much for summoning people here to press us to release the game. Well we have been developing the game,  all the screenshots of different rooms you  mentioned are indeed from the actual game. We are just really really really slow because we have full time jobs... but good news is, it's currently at the final stage, and we are positive that we can release the game this year!

Oh I'm so glad to hear that this is still being worked on, understandably in a slower fashion but that's okay. And it's no problem really, big studio games are great and all but there's always something so fresh and unique about indie games, so I just love trying them out and giving all you indie devs some well deserved attention. Can't wait to play the full thing! And uhhh don't mention the math thing, that was such an embarrassing moment XD

Amazing Game Thank you DEV

Was this game ever finished/updated ? or is it still being worked on ?

i think they ended up giving up on the game, its a shame, but fair enough-



I played the demo of your game, and I really liked it. I might try the whole game soon, but I really struggled with the origami puzzle.

keep updating it. It's fun!!!!


Guys, the origami puzzle is different every time. You're all right and you're all wrong.


i cant figure the passwords, tv, or getting the key out of the vent AT ALL!

Please make the next one, I'm dying to play it! It's such a good game.


what ever happened to the game? was it finished? Is it still being made?

Since this is a demo, yes

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tv color and the origami animals

Red blue green yellow

pig, rhino, rabbit, lion

 6 +(8x 1)=(8x3)=24+6=30


its 51

The next one ! We want the next one ! But seriously, I really enjoyed this first room. Thanks for sharing it with us :)

amazing! can't wait for when the other rooms are released, it was a really fun game and hope it continues to be developed!



this is a very fun game. Is there gonna be an update by chance?


I was stuck on the view when I started, since I did not know you could move the camera, so I did not know there was a dressor or a TV. I am also stuck on the +xx part, but it is a fun game! I wonder when the full release will be available, as its been over 4 years since this was published.

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oh same i had no idea! 
Edit: i figured it out lemme know if u want answer



It is difficult and I'm stuck on the first room. 

Привет, у меня есть сбой в игре три раза оригами журнала и один раз с книгой

it is amazing

This game is good! It's challenging and it you don't need to be genius to find out the problem but it still can be difficult. (which is what you want in point-and-click puzzles) I definitely look forward to future updates.


I really Enjoyed this Game  a lot.and we also have nice blogs related to Escape room in Memphis

really fun point and click game i just have one question when is the next update i have finished the game two times and i just cant wait for another room pleas tell me even if its just a guess pleas and thank you


I made an account JUST so I could leave a comment here. Just... wow. This is the best point and click mystery game I've played. No "moon logic", but still takes a while to figure out. The atmosphere is also phenomenal. Perfect balance between game and story. It doesn't feel like the puzzles were created just to tell the story, nor does it feel like the story was made up just to move the puzzles forward. I'm ecstatic to play the continuation of this once it comes out!



I was recommended your game and I really like the look and the sound of it from your description and screenshots. As I am a YouTuber, I would love to do a video on your game, but only if I have your permission to do so.

Have a nice day!

Kimmy ^ . ^


we've spent like 2hours on the math problem????


The safe won't open for me. I put in 30 (which I know is right) but it just says error. plz help. 




Its 26, PEMDAS

Are you talking about the first room,  if so, i tried and i couldn't get it at all.


the right answer is 51


Its 26...


I really liked this game. Took me a few minutes to figure out how to use the controls to looks around the room. I'm not the best at math so the math problem for the safe was really confusing . I know it's suppose to be challenging, but that might be a bit to hard if you can't remember your math lessons lol. Overall I liked it and can't wait to see and play more!

Here's my play through once I figured out the controls:

Thanks for trying the game out! We are definitely going to change the math puzzle based on all the feedback. I know it's been a long time but we are slowly finishing the full version of the game.

Nice one! Let us know when the full version is available please!

I enjoyed the demo very much, looking forward to the rest of the game!! I'm shocked I solved a puzzle without all the clues. It's the first game in this video of one of my 2 for 1's.

A really interesting game. We enjoyed the DEMO very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

nice game, the origami one threw me for a bit, at first because I like wasn't paying attention, and then later because I forgot about PEMDAS, but it didn't take me too long to figure out. Only got six clues, but I might come back at a later date to try to get them all.

is there a way to save the progress?

never mind, I escape the room on time! I had a good time, great game.

Right now you can't save the progress because there's only 1 room, once more rooms are added you'll be able to save the progress.

I think they way it is, it's great.

I really liked the game! The puzzles  get harder as the game goes on. The last on (oragami) was really difficult for me , but I hope that you update the game soon, because this game... IS AMAZING :D The TV integration was the most difficult part though. Also.. I saw a certain thing on the TV,  but I don't want to spoil it in case of it ruining future gameplay. Other than that, REALLY GOOD JOB!

Thank you for playing our game, we are really glad that you enjoyed it, new stages will be out soon, we are sure you'll like the new puzzles!

I liked the game and the puzzles are relatively easy to solve.. The TV reminded me of the "Rusty Lake" games and how they used the TV to continue the story..

Thanks for the cool let's play video! We are so glad that people can still find and enjoy this demo, we have to post an update!


I was just

scrolling threw the comments to see if the code for the safe was there

but I guess not...




I loved this game I really really hope you come out with more!

More rooms are on the way with more challenging puzzles!


7/8 clues for me. Couldn't get the safe open. 

According to the origami shapes and the manual guide book on the bed, plus the "Judgment time" clue I can safely assume the origami fomula is (6+1x3x8) but how does give me a password, when the safe combination is six digits? I just gave up in the end. 

six digits is the limit, not the code size. Just solve the formula

You use the clips and tv then line up the origami on the clips in the order the tv gives you. then you do the math for your answer.

Awesome little game! Really like it, took me a bit to figure out the origami, but all in all a really good game, and I think you should update with more rooms.

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